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Your telling me I can save money AND ditch TWIA? Hear this clients story!!

Seems like every time I write home insurance in Jefferson or Galveston county the client is shocked when I tell them their rate includes wind & hail, it is all one policy, they can ditch TWIA, and still save money!


One recent example was a client that responded to one of my mailers. She was super sweet and asked great questions. I gave her a quote and she was thrilled with it! Her current home policy through Farmers was $756 for the year and excluded windstorm. Her TWIA policy was $1,950 for the year and carried a 2% deductible (in this case it was $6,000)! That's $2,706 in insurance for the year not including her flood :( ! My quote was $1,410 for the year total,cut her deductible in half, and was saving her almost $1,300!! So like I said she was thrilled! She said she would talk it over with her husband and was sure she would be moving forward!


Unfortunately I did not hear back from her for over a week when I decided to give her a call. She was very nice about it but told me she was not interested. She talked to her current "agent" and he told her it was not possible to include windstorm without using TWIA in Jefferson County. He also told her I was likely scamming her!!! I advised her to do some independent fact checking and even advised her to call TWIA and ask them. She called back the next day! TWIA told her they encourage private carriers to include windstorm! She also called a friend of hers that turned out to be one of my clients! After a few more phone calls and quoting their auto insurance I was able to save this great family $2,200 for the year! She told me she was going to use the extra money to upgrade the cruise they are planning! This is why I do what I do!


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